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This is a place for me to share my newfound love of cooking. I am a  Mom and have two young children and I recently took voluntary redundancy from a  job of 12 yrs to start my own business within the health and wellness sector.  Loving it.

I have never been much of a cook. I’m Still at the beginning of my cooking discovery and honestly up until March 2013 I was afraid to fry!!! I do have an obsessive overreaction to fire, thanks to my older brother  being a bit of a pyromaniac when I was growing up.

I was out with my business partner having a tea in a local garden center when I found a book that was to inspire me, it was shaped like a Hot Pot and it smelt like my childhood. It was a whole £3. I came home and added it to my pile of never opened cookbooks. Where I believed it would stay having left the fantasy of cooking back at the garden center.

The difference with this book (apart from the shape preventing me to keep it securely with the other books) was me, I had changed, I decided right Im going to cook one of these, its time I grew up.That and a little bit of news about Horse Meat. Not that I think horse meat is wrong no but if thats in our food what else is in there? I very quickly started to get a feel for cooking and adding my own twists, my books are all scribbled with use this instead of that, add this here do that there. Now they are here clear and noted down for ease.

My 3yr old little Boy is allergic to Milk and severely allergic to Egg. SO for the past 3 years I have had to think about food a lot more than before and have read a lot of ingredients, I have noticed that a lot of ingredient I can’t read, How can they be good for you?

I also have a couple of friends who swear by the paleo diet.  So I have added a section for them as well as Dairy/Egg/Gluten/Tomato/soya free. That and I believe its quite fashionable now so if I use the word Paleo in my page a lot it might get more hits. Paleo Paleo Paleo. Seriously there is a lot to be said for this diet and a lot of health issue appear to be helped by switching to none processed foods and cutting out Gluten, MSG, Sodium Nitrate etc. My recipes that fit in this criteria are just scratching the surface and there is so much more to it.

So keeping this short! I am going to share my recipes, my mistakes, my new growing confidence in being able to leave something frying without standing over it? sweaty palms.  My shopping errors. I will be back filling recipes I have tried ,  I have photos of most as I added them to facebook. And I will be sharing new recipes as I do them (about 4 a week).

I have in 6 weeks gone from hating cooking to planning to take my Hot Pot with me on Holiday.

So why is this any different to any other food blog?

Because I can’t cook yet everything is delicious.

That was the case on the 29th March. Its now 22nd May 2013 and my recipes are filling up fast, I can actually say I can cook and I am building my knowledge all the time, I have made my first ever completely from scratch recipe and I have a feel for what goes with what.  I love nothing more than a clean kitchen a load of ingredients and a Hot Pot ready to tackle.

I make my own burgers for the kids,( Not in the Hot Pot) I just like to experiment. Food has taken a complete turn in our house. and we all benefit tho Neil Still makes the best Stir frys.


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