Beef Roll Ups (Rouladen) with Broccoli Spears. Recipe 100.

Details:     Prep Time = 10 minutes.     Cooking Time = 5-6 hrs on low.  or high 3. Serves = 4 one steak per person. Easy to make for more or less.

German Rouladen 8  German Rouladen 7

WOW WOW WOW WOW what a dish. I got this dish from a lovely lady Pia M Rogers who was happy for me to HPH it, to share it with you. And wow what a dish. Pia has inspired me to try lots more German food and has shown me me where to start. Watch this space and  Thank you again Pia.  Pia’s first memory of having this dish was as a child, she comes come from Hildesheim, a town nearby Hanover.  And even tho she didn’t like cooking growing up she had a large family of her own and soon found a passion for cooking from scratch.

I wanted to serve this with fresh veg and so I chose broccoli spears it wasn’t until about a hr before eating that I decided to just add them to the top of the hot pot so they could steam on top of the roll ups. That is something I will do again and again with any dish that is dry enough to do so. The broccoli was fabulous they drank up the steam and became infused with flavors themselves.

And then there was the gravy. Wow, What a dish make it now you really wont regret it.

and again Thanks Pia x

I also Have to say that this is my 100th recipe and what a recipe Happy 100th HPH.


NB when preparing ingredients those in the same colour can be mixed in the same bowl as they are used in the cooking process at the same time. Those in black are to remain separate.

  • 2 tbls of Oil to cook, May need more less use as little as you can.German Rouladen
  • 4 thin steaks.
  • 1 tbsp Wholegrain Mustard.
  • 4 sliced of streaky bacon. 1 slice for each steak.
  • 12 sm pickled gherkins. sliced thinly.
  • Ground black pepper to season.
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar.
  • 150 ml Hot  beef stock.
  • Broccoli Spears.

German Rouladen 1 German Rouladen 2


Always lightly oil the Hot Pot before use this helps with cleaning and preservation of the Hot Pot.

  1. lay out the steaks and spread mustard on each one, now lay a slice of streaky bacon per steak and add the pickled gherkins. Season well with fresh ground black pepper. (no need for salt the bacon covers that)
  2. Now roll the beef up starting  at the smallest part of the beef . Use cocktails stick to fasten (they need to fit in the pot so try to go along the roll ups not straight across or you wont be able to brown them or sit them in the pot.)
  3. Heat the oil in a large heavy sided frying pan high heat, Add the beef roll ups and brown all round.
  4. Add to the the Slow cooker/Hot Pot and turn on low for 5-6 hrs or high for 3. Pour over the red wine vinegar and add the beef stock.
  5. About 40 minutes before the end, add your broccoli spears on top of the roll ups. (try not to remove the lid for long just throw it in and shut).


  1. Make sure the slow cooker is on high. Now mix up a little cornflour with water to a paste and stir in until you reach the desired thickness add gravy browning and whisk.

Cheats Gravy

  1. Make sure the slow cooker is on high. Now sprinkle in your usual gravy (bisto etc ) whisk until its the thickness you like.

Serve the gravy from the slow cooker pot with a ladle.

I serve this with home made wedges basically a potato with skin on scrubbed & chopped into wedges popped in a food bag with salt, black pepper and olive oil shook up.  Remove from food  bag  and added to the oven on gas mark 7, 220 C, 425 F
NB: This is posted under Milk/Egg/Tomato/Soya/Gluten free, and Paleo.  For Paleo and gluten free use a rice flour to thicken the gravy instead of corn flour.  Or a for gluten free use swiss vegetable Bouillon powder . For soya free make your gravy using flour or corn flour and gravy browning or the swiss vegetable Bouillon powder. Also for paleo leave the red wine vinegar off and use sweet potato wedges cook for 30 minutes instead.

German Rouladen 3 German Rouladen 4 German Rouladen 6

To make this a healthy recipe that may also aid  in weight loss also read


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