Equipment What Pot?

You may just need a hot pot!

But which one there are so many to chose from and what’s the difference between a Hot Pot and a Slow cooker?

The first thing you need to check to do all the recipes on this site is if your Pot can be used with minimal or no liquid. A lot of the recipes I cook are cooked like that. Most Hot Pots are now called slow cookers, however true Hot Pots you can cook without liquid. Now Slow cookers need the meat to be completely submerged. Just because it says slow cooker on you pot doesn’t mean you will have stick to that rule read the instructions or google them if you haven’t got them. Another guideline is the controls a Hot Pot normally has OFF LOW HIGH WARM Slow cookers tend to have more controls, Not always the case but a guide if you can’t find any instructions. The physical difference is a slow cooker heats from the bottom only where as a Hot Pot heats all round and both have  a curved  Lid so the steam rises forms condensation and rolls back down the sides. Not drying out and keeping all the liquid in the pot.

So far I have found that the make Crock Pot (labeled as the original slow cooker) can be cooked in with little or no liquid but the only way to know for sure is to read the instructions. I will update this as I learn new makes.

You can pick up some good deals online, I have just bought a 2nd pot for a really reasonable price as it was sooo last season.

Expect to pay anything from £16 – £200  My round one you can get for around £45.00 if you shop around and it is a Crock Pot I have just brought a new one.  A small one suitable for a family of 4 easy.

My new Pot

This is my new Hot Pot and you can cook with little or no liquid.

And it was a bargain heres the link to Get one.   NB I HAD TO REMOVE THE LINK the pot has been sold at £16.00 and when I just looked to see if any were left it had shot up to £135.00????? saying its a limited edition, perhaps it because so many sold in so short a time I know of 4 people inc myself that brought one.

and my link said a BARGAIN sorry if you clicked and though I was mad.

heres another good offer £24.99 not as cheap or pretty but a good one .


This is my Trustworthy Original Hot Pot for entertaining or a Larger Family. I love this as it looks great in the middle of the table when you take the Pot out of the base.

Love this one think its 4.5 ltrs. These are around £45.







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