Herbs & Garden.

All this cooking got me thinking it time to do a Herb Garden, I have had a collection of herbs on the window sill which keeps growing.  The choice not the herbs they don’t seem to grow, as  I keep picking at them and pulling apart. I wanted to plant these However Nanny Sue (who knows her garden) said they are not suitable for this.

I pack the family up and off we go to the Garden center for a Picnic and to buy me some HERBS.  Wheat and son on the chester Road Aldridge. We all had a picnic in the grounds, walked the plank. played in the maze and fed the baby goslings. A nice picnic and play before the herb shopping.

I get to the herbs, what do I buy seeds? sm plants? I have no clue what to do in the garden, me and Neil look at each other like Idiots while trying to stop one kid running of and the other crying as she had lost her rubber toy by the lake. (we spent a good 30 minutes retracing our steps no luck) I  fumbled around for a bit ummed and arred and decided that I have no clue and to just grab and go and learn on the way.  I decided to get small plants.

Neil has been talking about a Vegetable Patch for a while, I have just looked at him like he is mad, why would we want to do? that tutted and walked off. However today I have sucum (actually quite excited) and agreed an area to develop into a patch. We move on to the seeds and bulbs, we now own Red onion Bulbs (look like sm red onions) Green Bean seeds, Grow your own easy carrot seeds, and some flowers that the kids wanted to grow.

Neither of us are green fingered and we didn’t have a clue what to get or if we are doing the right things when to sow, what sow really means.

I will update this space as we go. However today I did manage to plant up my herb Garden. With mint in the planter at the front, as mint grows wild and takes over (a Nanny Sue Tip).

Any tips gratefully accepted.

Herb Garden


Well its friday 2nd of August and my herb garden is dead i’m just not ready to make it into the garden, maybe next year.  Still going to dig a veg patch ready.  Oh well the plants on the window sill survive just about.

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