Hot Pot Honey Hints.

I am building up a good repertoire of hints and tips that make the Slight Edge when cooking, I have written them in the posts as I go However I Believe they need a page of their own.


 1. Ginger is Fab Fresh and Feisty frozen.

Large ginger     Grated Ginger   

Frozen Garlic Prepare your Ginger in one go. Grate on a Medium size grater and freeze in an ice cube tray.  Ready to add to any dish in no time. Love this handy tip saves time 
preparing fresh ginger.






2. Garlic Crush & Infuse Onion.

When preparing a dish that contains both Onion and Garlic, Always crush the garlic first with the knife that you then chop the onion with. I found this out when looking into indian cooking apparently the garlic infuses with the onion giving that Slight Edge. You can then prepare your garlic however you wish or the recipe calls for.


3.A Chilly Chilli.

lamb curry black pot raw

When cooking any Hot Pot with chilli in you can always add a Pierced chilli or two to the top when cooking. This can then be used to spice up the heat freaks dish chopped up and added to their plate at the end. The chilli will add to the dish as a whole so be careful what strength chillies you use.




4. Celery Snap.

When washing celery if you snap the end and pull down the length of the celery the stringy parts are removed turn it over and do the same the other end. Then chop how required.  This is hard to picture as I need two hands to do it and one for the photo there was only me in. You get the idea.

aa9 aa8

 5.Simply  Peel Tomatoes.

To peel Tomatoes score a cross on the tomato right down. Put them or it in a bowl and cover with boiling water stand for a few minutes peel from the middle of the cross down. Perfect.


 6:Fat Bread.

pie10When you have added the meat to the hot pot/Slow cooker and you want to remove some fat from the pan to continue cooking, use a slice of bread to mop up the fat and then pop out for the birds.  Bonus as your sink won’t block. Perfect, unless of course you can’t tolerate wheat. Then kitchen roll  it is. And perhaps not feed that the birds that tho.




And again Fat Bread.

Handy hint to absorb some of the oil from a dish use bread to soak some of it up.  It works a treat then put it out for the birds I have been told they love it.

lasagna 1 

Block It 

Your cooking loads you have no room for anymore in your freezer and your tupperware is running out?

Simply  buy freezer bags and one nice size/shaped tupperware pot.  Pop your food in the bag, pop the bag in the tub, pop the  tub in the freezer.  Once  frozen remove bag and you have same sized blocks to store in your freezer. Easy.

Frozen 1 Frozen 2 Frozen 3 Frozen 4

Chicken Sling Duck,Beef, Pork etc.

A simple way to remove your chicken without it falling apart. So simple. enjoychicken sling

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