Minestrone Soup

Details:     Prep Time = 20 minutes.      Cooking Time = 6 to 8 hrs low        Serves = 6-8 Minerstrone 6   Minerstrone 8

I made this in my 3.5 lt pot, however I really could have done with a bigger one!   I couldn’t add more liquid so it was more of a stew but the taste was minestrone all the way if you are using a bigger pot add another 100/200 ml chicken stock. Use your eyes for consistency its what you like. I have frozen 2 Portions. I feed 3 hungry adults and 3 kids. Will let you know how it turns out as I haven’t frozen a pasta dish before. ( I don’t hold out much hope for it being as nice.)

Ingredients NB when preparing ingredients those in the same colour can be mixed in the same bowl as they are used in the cooking process at the same time. Those in black are to remain separate.

  • 1 tbls of Oil to cook, May need more less use as little as you can.Minerstrone
  • 200 g of Lardons. (For vegetarian replace with smoked Garlic and leave the ordinary garlic out, or add a tbsp of BBQ sauce.)
  • 3 Potatoes. Chopped into small cubes.
  • 2 Carrots. Chopped into small cubes.
  • 1 leek. Chopped into Small cubes.
  • 3 Sticks Celery. Chopped into fine slices.
  • 1 Tin chickpeas 400g. Drained. 
  • 1 tin of tomatoes 400g.Roast Chicken Masala
  • 1 Onion. 
  • 2 cloves Garlic smashed. (for vegetarian replace with smoked garlic see above)
  • 650 ml chicken stock. Use 2 cubes. If you have a bigger pot use 850 ml. Makes it more soupy will serve loads more to. (veg stock if vegetarian)
  • 150g Farfalline Soup pasta (small pasta sold in Tesco can be any Sm pasta)

minerstrone 2 Minerstrone 1 Minerstron 4 Minerstron 3

Method Always lightly oil the Hot Pot before use this helps with cleaning and preservation of the Hot Pot.

  1. Fry the lardons until golden brown. Add them to the slow cooker/Hot pot. For veggy skip this.
  2. Put the slow cooker on low and add the Potatoes, Carrots, Leek, Celery, Chickpeas, 
  3. Blend the Tomatoes, Onion and Garlic together add to the Pot.
  4. Add the chicken stock.
  5. Add the Bay Leaves, Oregano, Season and stir well.  Cover and leave on low for 6-8 hrs.
  6. 30 minutes before serving stir in the pasta. Re cover.

I serve this with Crusty Bread, Not a lot tho its Sooo Filling. NB: This is posted under Milk/Egg/Soya free.

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