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Journal February 2014.

Journal Feb 2013Journal Feb 2013 Hot Pot Honey Journal Feb 2013 page 14

Journal February 2014 Page 14. 

My second ever write up, I had so much fun, Amy Bowen the journalist is so friendly and easy to talk to I actually enjoyed the whole experience considering I was so nervous. I cooked up samples of my chilli, yuck sung and cooked a dish while we chatted.  What a write up. I feel very proud I only started my blog in March 2013 Just 10 Months ago.

I also Want to add a Huge thank you to Dawn Chorus PR Who have been instrumental in creating these opportunity for me.

Thanks again to all my supporters here’s to a exciting 2014.

Express & Star 21st October 2014

21st October 2013 7 months of recipes.This is my first ever Hot Pot Honey press release. This was in the express and star today the 21st October. Just  7 months since I set up the hot pot honey. A slow cooking collection.

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