So Why a Hot Pot?

Why a Hot Pot?

I don’t like cooking, I hate the getting it all timed together, getting the kids to sit at the table, making it all come together without spoiling. With a Hot Pot its ready when you are, most don’t spoil with time, I can feed the children at 5 and eat later with there dad when they’re asleep.

True convenience food.

If i’m out at work I can prepare the night before add it to the Hot Pot in the morning and get on with my day.

Hot Pots are Fabulous for everyone a very close friend of mine said to me last week this must cost you a fortune cooking from scratch every day?  Myth, with a Hot Pot I use cheaper cuts of meat as they will be tender after  having been in there for  4 – 10 hrs.  Using a Hot Pot is perfect for cheap student meals too.

As for hard working couples/singles who work 9-5 its great to come home to a meal cooking away some only take 5  minutes to put together and if you prepped it the night before even easier.  The simplest dishes are still incredibly tasty. Surprised me.

Since I started 6 weeks ago, at least 4 of my friends/family have got there Hot Pots out and 3 have bought one, my mom is going to get one too Im just looking for a Small one for her.

Anyone can cook healthy TASTY food if I can. 

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